Logistics centre of many opportunities


New logistics centre will rise along the main routes

Avialogis, a logistic centre of many opportunities, will be built in a logistically great place, along Ring III, only 6 kilometres from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Once completed, it will offer versatile and advanced space solutions for freight terminal operations and warehousing.

The local plan, which will be confirmed in June 2020, includes two plots of land, approximately 70,000 m² and 10,000 m². The building permission on the plots is 40,000 m² with the plan symbol KTK (block area of industrial, warehouse and office buildings) and 2,000 m² with the plan symbol K (block area of commercial and office buildings). In addition to the buildings, a planned number of parking spaces can be provided on the KTK-marked plot and an additional 190 spaces on the K-marked plot.

Possibility for different property complexes

The logistics centre with a surface area of 25,000–30,000 m² can house a logistics warehouse with doors at both ends and a joint three-storey head office. Required number of office and social premises will be provided.

The warehouse building can also be completed as so-called unilateral warehouse, with a surface area of 35 000 m². Alternatively, a terminal building of approximately 20,000 m² can also be built on the plot. It is possible to build a separate building of 1000-2000 m² on the west side of the Avialogis plot.

Technical features of Avialogis logistics centre

  • High warehouse floor load capacity as required for a load of 4,000 - 10,000 kg/m²
  • The high warehouse space can accommodate 58,000 euro pallets
  • Load capacity of the mezzanines is 800 kg/m², floor load capacity of the loading bays is 4,000 kg/m²
  • Maximum clear height of the building is 12 metres
  • Loading height is approximately 1,200 mm, ground-level doors can be provided at the ends, if necessary
  • The entire building is fitted with sprinklers and has a fenced-in yard
  • Parking spaces on the plot, possibly also in the adjacent parking lot

Space for one or more operators

Leased warehouse facilities (approx. 30,000 m²) can be divided, for example, between four or five different operators. Instead of a warehouse building, a terminal building of approximately 20,000 m² or a combination of both can also be built on the plot.

Location is the trump card of the logistics centre

Avialogis will be located in Vantaa’s Turvalaaksonkuja. The area is located between the Hämeenlinna and Tuusula motorways, along Ring III, only 6 kilometres from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

  • Good visibility from Ring III, traffic at its busiest approx. 80,000 vehicles / day
  • Good connections to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (6 km) and all main routes
  • 17 km to central Helsinki by car, 163 km to Turku, 166 km to Tampere, 102 km to Lahti
  • Distance to the future Viinikkala train station is less than 1.5 km
  • Aviapolis train station approximately 4 km away
  • West-bound bus stop within approximately 300 m and east-bound bus stop within approximately 500 m on Ring III

Construction will begin in 2020

Local plan amendment will be final in 6/2020

Civil engineering works:

  • The city of Vantaa will reroute Turvalaaksonkuja to run along Ring III once the local plan has been confirmed. Estimated completion of the construction of Turvalaaksonkuja in spring 2021.
  • Levelling and filling of the area in summer/autumn 2020.


  • Construction will begin in autumn 2020.
  • Construction time approximately 15 months, i.e. completion is estimated in early 2022.

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Further information:

Mikko Sirviö
Project Manager
+358 (0)20 773 9420
Kirsi Väisänen
Letting Manager
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